White Rabbit

WHAT DID WE DO? Branding, Consultation, Web design, Custom web build, Logo, Interior Photography, Video work, Blog integration,
ONGOING WORK: Content management, Blogging, Consultation, Brand development


White Rabbit is a Shoreditch based photography studio – or is it? Well, it is, yes, but they have other plans. The ambiguous nature of their plans and the multifunctional space fed into the creation of this mark. The first arch of White Rabbit opened in 2011, there are two more to come.


The site is a mix of blog and studio information. As well as documenting all the creative goings on at the studio, the blog also shows off the range and flexibility of the studio shooting space. Visit for a proper look at the site.

Timelapse Video

Well before the White Rabbit space was complete there was a need to let people know what was to come. We set up timelapse camera to capture key stages of the building process, these were sent out through social media to generate interest.

Indentity – Expansion

French Place, The White Rabbit location house – this was the first use of the rabbit mark in another context, the location house is part of White Rabbit but offers a very different shooting space.