Logo Deisgn

Logos, Logos, Logos, we love designing logos. The dictionary definition of a logo is 'a symbol or other small design adopted by an organisation to identify its products, uniform or vehicles'. We see it as more than that. Before we embark on designing a logo for a company, we want to know everything we can about them – we have to make sure this symbol delivers the right message for your company. The logo is a badge your company will be wearing everyday, and we want to know that the one we have designed for you will always go with what you are wearing.

Kensington & Chelsea Review

Our new branding for Kensington & Chelsea Review

White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a Shoreditch based photography studio – or is it? Well, it is, yes, but they have other plans. The ambiguous nature of their plans and the multifunctional space fed into the creation of this mark.

Space No.9

Private hire space in Shoreditch.

Louis & Co.

A members only cocktail bar running monthly in Shoreditch.

Eat Me

Part of the creative foundations we set in place for this magazine.

Mao Tai

Workmark for the restaurant, a Parsons Green institution.

French Place

The White Rabbit location house – this was the first use of the 'rabbit' mark in another context, the location house is tied into White Rabbit but offers another service.

Family Union Music Group

F.U.M.G – Family Union Music Group – is an east London music collective. The logo 'comes apart' into three distinct marks, each able to be used in specific situations.

Chr1s Love

Part of our branding for London DJ Chr1s Love

Shared Talent India

Design for the LCF Centre for Sustainable Fashion project, Shared Talent India.

Making Inroads

Part of our work for the Making Inroads project for Rowan Arts.