Kensington & Chelsea Review

WHAT DID WE DO? Re-launch, Art Direction, Logo design, Graphic Design, Layout, Portraits, Picture Editing, Photo-grading [colour work]
ONGOING WORK: Art Direction, Design, Layout, Creative Services

Kensington & Chelsea Review is an established local review magazine, I'm sure you can guess on which London borough it is focused. When the Kensington & Chelsea Review team got in touch with us their aim was to 're-launch' the magazine – for them this included new editorial direction, new themes, new features and a new style – our role was to update the style, the look and feel of the magazine, so that it came into line with their new direction and to make sure the magazine sits more comfortably in its surroundings, the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

Our portrait of Natacha Marro in print

Portrait Photography and other services

When we're brought onto a project requiring one area of our expertise – whether it be branding, design, photography, video – we always look to help in other areas if possible.

In this instance we were pleased to be able shoot for the issue as well. This first issue of 'Volume Two' features our portraits of Natacha Marro, shoe designer to such stars as Lady Gaga; she was great fun to photograph her down at her studio/workshop.

Our relationship with Kensington & Chelsea Review is ongoing – look out for our work on future issues, issue two is due out in early August.