Eat Me Magazine

WHAT DID WE DO? Creative Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Layout, Logo, Hand-Lettering, Cover Shoots, Portraits, Shoot Art Direction

Our work for Eat Me Magazine included branding for both the magazine and the brand – we were part of the team that founded the magazine working on all 'creative' aspects of the project, latterly we also played a role in Eat Me's editorial direction – W, of O.W.H. undertook the role of editor for Issue Four. It is this issue, Issue Four, that is the focus of this showcase; you'll find examples of all our work, including our cover-shoot with Heston Blumenthal, portrait photography and editorial illustration. Although we are no longer involved with Eat Me, the magazine continues to be based on the creative foundations we set in place.It was great working with O.W.H. on Eat Me magazine - they're not afraid to think outside the box. The innovative design and slick photography really made the magazine stand out in a crowded market.Miranda York, deputy Editor [issue four]When starting out on a project such as Eat Me, there is so much to consider. What we felt most important was that the 'look' of the magazine reinforced what the magazine 'wanted' to be...

Heston Blumenthal – cover and main feature photo-story

Considering the look goes beyond 'what font shall we use' and 'what colour is the logo going to be' – one aspect of the project we were most pleased with, something you won't get from our photos of the work, is how the magazine 'feels' as a printed piece. We were able to mix paper stocks – weights, colours and finishes – to make reading a printed of the magazine a tactile experience. An example of this is the difference is finish when you reach the main feature photo-story of each issue; the magazine was printed on uncoated stock throughout, although when you reach said feature the paper shifts gear up to a 'semi-gloss' coated silk paper – the photography stands off of the page in a new way, making it feel as though you 'reached' a supplementary area of the issue.

The Heston Blumenthal shoot is a great example of our being able to mix the disciplines and skills at our disposal with O.W.H. – a mix of our studio photography and art direction, retouching we were able to make best use of the limited time we had with Heston.

Our Portraits of journalist Kate Spicer

Shooting 'on location' – the location being one of Kate's favourite hangouts, Tiny Robot, Westbourne Grove – it would be have been a lot easier had Kate not being making W and H laugh as they worked around Lucy Self's interview.

Layout – it is a little about 'what font shall we use'

Editorial Illustration – Surfing 'n' Seafood

Occasionally we'd raid the art cupboard and illustrate an article 'in-house' rather than commissioning an illustrator for an article. This, a mix of paint, collage and image editing... is a bit mental, it did illustrate the article though!

Hand Lettering – Logo Design

To finish, another look at the Eat Me logo and our hand-lettering for the design. As is often the way with a new logo, a thousand typefaces, options and permutations where run through... what settled it in the end? A good-old-fashioned bit of hand lettering.

If you've got this far, thanks for reading! If you'd like to know more [yes, believe it or not, there are areas we didn't cover] then get in touch with us – our details are right there.